La Casagran is an independent rural accommodation officially registered in the Tourism Register of the Generalitat de Catalunya, with the following code:

La Casagran PCC-000724.

For this reason, they meet all their requirements and obligations.

The following rules and conditions must be observed in all its points from the moment the reservation is made, at the entrance to the house, during the stay and until your departure. Otherwise, the owner reserves the right to immediately cancel the reservation or stay in the house, and consequently its immediate vacancy, without refund of the monetary amount under any circumstances.

1. Number of people It is not allowed to accommodate a number of people older than the maximum capacity of the house. The exact number of adults and children who will be staying at the house during the agreed days of stay must be specified at the time of booking. If the number of people agreed upon at the time of booking increases, the price will increase proportionately.

2. Payment and deposit:The reservation will not be effective until the client has made the payment of 25%of the total price of the stay.

3. Cancellation Policy: Payment and deposit will not be refunded, in case of cancellation 30 days before the date of arrival, we will save the payment and deposit for other dates.

4. Arrival: At the time of arrival, adults must fill in a form with their personal data to register them, in compliance with the regulations, in the Mossos d’Esquadra user register.

5. Schedules: The check in is since 17:00h pm. The check out is before 10:00h am. 

6. Equipment: The houses have a fully equipped kitchen. As well as sheets, blankets, towels and mats of the year.

The houses are also equipped with small appliances: toaster, coffee maker, kettle and blender.

7. Supplies: Consumption of water, electricity and heating is included in the total price of the stay, and therefore the use of appliances that alter the expected consumption of supplies is not allowed.

To conserve the environment, we ask for a rational useof water, light and heating. The firewood is free to use on the fire on the floor and on the barbecue in the house.

8. The tourist tax is included in the price listed in the rates section.

9. It is not allowed to bring furniture, sound equipment and the like into the house, as well as to carry out any kindof work.

10. It is not allowed to use the house or its landscape for any kind of activity other than the agreed one. It will also not be possible to carry out activities and behaviors that are contrary to hygiene or normal coexistence or that violate the order. public.

11. The owner will not be responsible for any personal object and / or value, or vehicle owned by the customer, that could be found in the house during the contracted stay, or for its loss, disappearance or theft.


1. There is no lifeguard.

2. Children under the age of 14 cannot bathe alone, they must always be accompanied by an adult.

3. The swimming pool is for the exclusive use of guests of the tourist accommodation.

4. It is mandatory to take a shower before bathing.

5. It is not allowed to throw objects and other types of material such as rocks or sand into the pool.